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Continuing Education

Illinois state law requires that all caregivers must complete 8 hours of initial training (including orientation) and 8 hours of additional training each year. We offer a variety of training sessions for our Companions through our Continuing Education Program. Please call 773-870-0101 to register for a session.

Upcoming Sessions:

Hands On Skills

This session covers many of the day to day skills a caregiver will need. Including: bathing, oral hygiene, meal prep, changing beds, ambulatory assistance, dressing, home safety, observation guidelines, and care for elders with visual or hearing impairments.

Next dates available:

1 p.m. on Friday May 27th

Welcome to Companions for Seniors!

New employees will be trained on daily record keeping procedures including filling in time sheets, mileage sheets and communication notebooks. They will be oriented on typical procedures and policies. Companions are encouraged to register within 30 days of their first job.

Next dates available:

1 p.m. Friday May 13th

Coping Skills

Companions will learn valuable strategies on getting and giving support and developing realistic expectations for caregivers.

Next dates available:

3 p.m. Friday May 13th

Essential Knowledge for Caregivers

This session covers effective communication with families and healthcare providers. Caregivers are given tips on monitoring medication and preventing infections. Proper nutrition is also covered.

Next dates available:

3 p.m. Friday May 13th

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