September 27, 2017

Maintaining quality of life as you age is important; especially when the holiday season arrives. Elderly people in need of care often feel embarrassed asking for added support, or family members may suffer from the guilt of not being able to support aging parents as much as they’d like to. Making the choice to ask for help can be both empowering and liberating, the crux is getting the right care for you.

At Companions for Seniors we support the notion that ‘care should be empowering and liberating’ and in order to achieve this research and preparation are key. Our mission is to be a care provider that offers a level of care that your family is happy with and that caters to individual needs. Support is tailored to ease your day to day. For example, your parents may need social support, encouraging interaction within the community; or assistance for the family with getting grandma and grandpa ready for Thanksgiving. All things we can provide with ease.

We offer all of the services needed to make the holidays less stressful and about what’s import; spending time with your family.

Here are some things to think about when deciding whether or not have extra help around the holidays.

  1. INVOLVEMENT: Families need to decide on how involved they want to be with the care of their loved ones. During the holiday period families can be very busy and need more support or with the time off work may actually have more time to care for their parents. Flexibility in care is key.
  2. Plan of Care: If you are unable to decide what level of care is necessary for your parents, fear not! Our experienced staff has the knowledge to walk you through your options and create the plan that can make the holidays truly special. Our goal is to have a Companions for Seniors Caregiver come in and do as many tasks as you or loved one needs so that the time you spend with your family is quality.
  3. RELIABILITY AND RESULTS: Understanding what is expected when proceeding with a plan of care is vital. Expectations will be clearly defined and outcomes will be set. This will enable your family to be satisfied in the care you are receiving and understand exactly the level of assistance and care we’ll provide.

Independence and care can be synonymous. Tailored support that provides choice, flexibility and reliability is key in maintaining health, independence and freedom with age.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and your options, contact us through our contact form by clicking here.