Making the Most of Your Holiday Visit

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Take advantage of your holiday visit

During the holidays, many of us will be visiting aging loved ones. It’s a perfect time to sit with them and see how they’re really doing. These tips help you focus on important details that will make a big difference in the long run. If you live out of state, it’s of the utmost importance that you use these visits to make sure your elderly loved ones are safe and happy.

1. Discreetly check on independent parents

When your parents are living independently, the holidays are a great time to discreetly check on them. If you do this every year and keep a few notes, you’ll be able to spot changes more easily in the future.

2. Spend an afternoon on home safety updates

While you’re visiting, you might have an opportunity to make a few simple safety updates. These easy fixes don’t take much time and will help your parents avoid common accidents so they can stay independent longer. They don’t take a lot of time, but they’re very effective.

3. Have meaningful conversations about the future

When family gets together over the holidays, it’s a good opportunity for meaningful conversations. If you haven’t already started talking about aging and plans for the future, consider bringing up the subject at a strategic time. You might be surprised – many parents appreciate having these conversation and will be grateful that you brought it up.

Use these tips to prepare for a successful conversation and keep these conversation starters in your back pocket to make it easier to get the ball rolling.

Bottom line

This year, use some of your time at home to do 3 things: make sure your parents are doing well, make simple home safety updates, and start important conversations about the future.

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