June 3, 2019

Staying social is one of the most powerful things that seniors can do to stay healthy and independent, at every stage of life’s journey.

As a family caregiver, helping your loved one to go out, connect with others, and maintain social bonds is a surefire way to help them enjoy themselves, while also experiencing some amazing health benefits – including everything from increased longevity to lower rates of depression and anxiety.

Looking to help your senior loved one connect with their community and enjoy the health and wellness benefits that come with strong social connections? A professional caregiver or senior companion is a great resource to help your loved one nurture meaningful, healthy relationships.

A companion can help your senior loved one stay social by assisting in many different ways. Depending on your loved one’s unique wants and needs, a companion can:

1.) Share Meals

Sharing a meal is one of the most fundamental forms of companionship there is. Finding joy and community through breaking bread transcends cultures, and has only grown more important over time. Unfortunately, for older adults, having companionship at mealtimes is often a difficulty. According to recent findings, more than 75 percent of seniors say that “they wish their families shared more meals together,” and one in five seniors say that they “feel lonely” when eating meals by themselves. In time, eating solo can have a negative effect on a senior’s health. In fact, about 20 percent of seniors who generally eat meals alone tend to have “at least four warning signs of poor nutritional health.”

With a companion, a senior can have someone they know and trust in the kitchen to help out as they shop, prepare, and eat their daily meals. For family caregivers, having a companion on hand is a great way to ensure that a senior loved one always has a friend to share lunch or dinner with, particularly when you have to put your focus elsewhere.

2.) Play Games

For seniors looking to stay mentally sharp, playing a fun, engaging game is one of the very best activities there is.

Over the years, numerous studies have suggested that older adults who regularly stimulate their brains with active, educational activities tend to score much higher on memory and cognition tests than those who don’t. Having a senior companion stop by your loved one’s home, even for as little as a few hours per week, can be a great way to ensure that your elderly loved one is able to connect with others, socialize, and sharpen their minds by playing a beloved game with a friendly face, whether that means cards, chess, or working on a puzzle.

If your loved one is looking to do something more physical, a caregiver can assist there, too. Maybe your loved one is looking for someone to help them go for walks around the block. Perhaps they’re interested in yoga and could use a “spotter” while they get started. Whatever form of exercise your senior loved one is interested in, a companion can be a great resource, helping to assist your loved one complete their favorite daily activities.

3.) Go on Outings and Adventures

There’s a great big world out there – how are you helping your senior loved ones to explore it?

Often, it can be intimidating for older adults to go out to see and do the things that they really want to experience. In some cases, seniors may be limited by their physical mobility, or a chronic health condition. Some older adults may be held back by a lack of driving services, or unreliable public transit. In other cases, older adults may be reluctant to go out and do things because they’re nervous about having to “fly solo” and be alone.

A companion can help the elderly adult in your life meet all of these obstacles and more, empowering them to live a more active, independent, and fulfilling life. A companion can help provide driving services, help book appointments or make reservations, assist seniors with physical activities of daily living (ADLs), and provide a friendly traveling companion. With a little help, your senior loved one never has to feel like anything is out of reach – from a day out at a nice restaurant, to a trip to the local botanical garden, and everything in between.

4.) Help Seniors Connect With Their Community

Your senior loved one’s community is likely bursting with incredible social opportunities for older adults. A companion can help your loved one go out and experience all the fun activities and social events there are to enjoy!

With the assistance of a companion, including driving services, your senior loved one can be empowered to attend all of the events that they want to add to their calendar – from religious services and groups, to volunteer events, to community gatherings, to small get-togethers among family and friends, and so much more.

A companion’s personalized service can help your senior loved one in many different ways, from helping them with dressing and grooming before and after the outing, to providing driving services, to offering movement and ADL support at the event.

5.) Make Family Visits Easier

As a family caregiver, you may sometimes find yourself wanting to bring your senior loved one over for parties, holiday celebrations, and more – only to inevitably find yourself fretting the whole time about keeping your elderly loved one feeling comfortable, safe, and accommodated.

Bringing on a professional caregiver can help make it easier for you to include your senior loved one in all of your family events. At a holiday gathering or family reunion, for instance, a caregiver can help make sure that your elderly loved one is safe and secure. They can keep an eye out and help provide for your senior family member, so that you can focus on the rest of your guests. Similarly, a companion can be a helpful addition for all sorts of family events, helping assist a senior loved one during long road trips, day-long outings, graduation ceremonies, and more.

With the assistance of a senior companion, your elderly loved one can be there for all the big moments in your family’s journey, while also taking some of the caregiving pressure and responsibilities off of you, so that you and your loved one can focus on what matters most – truly enjoying your time together.

Companions for Seniors Is Here to Help

Looking for a senior companion to help ensure that your senior loved one is able to remain social, connect with their community, and live life to the fullest? Companions for Seniors can help!

Our trained and bonded companions are passionate about empowering the elderly to live more independently. Our mission is to help senior adults lead active and enriched lifestyles, by connecting them with their community and helping them to nurture meaningful relationships.

Our companions are available on flexible schedules to spend time with the senior in your life. Whether your loved one needs transportation services, a helping hand around the house, or just a friendly face to play games and swap stories, our caregivers can help give your senior loved one the personalized attention and support they need – while giving family caregivers a much-needed chance to rest and recharge.

Have any questions? Curious about how to set up a personalized care plan for the aging adult in your life? Be sure to get in touch online or give us a call at 866-910-9020 to get the conversation started!