February 17, 2020

Could your aging loved one stand to benefit from companion care, provided by a trustworthy, friendly, and compassionate caregiver? 

Companion care is a unique form of home care, focused on helping seniors age in place comfortably and safely. It’s about giving seniors practical help with everyday activities, while also focusing on making sure that seniors are able to stay social and enjoy quality time with a person they know and trust — all while playing games, sharing stories, running errands, or enjoying nutritious meals. 

It’s hard to overstate the amazing benefits that strong friendships and company can have for seniors. Even getting to spend a few hours a week with a familiar face can lift an older adult’s spirits, while helping enrich their day in countless ways. There is also a growing body of research that suggests that staying socially active can help provide seniors with truly meaningful health benefits, including increased longevity and lower rates of chronic illness. 

The Remarkable Power of Friendship

The unique support provided by a senior companion can benefit all sorts of seniors, including those who need access to driving services, as well as older adults who could use a hand around the house. For many older adults, though, the social aspect is going to be the single most meaningful benefit of this special kind of long-term care. 

Could your senior loved one benefit from having some extra company in their life? 

This is an important question that’s well worth asking. Companion care is a great fit for many older adults who could use regular company and friendship. In particular, the friendship and attention of a senior caregiver can provide remarkable benefits to those seniors who…

… Want to Be More Active

A senior companion can help your elderly loved one get out into the community, providing driving services and support while your loved one runs errands, goes to services at church or temple, volunteers in their community, exercises, or takes a new class. At home, a companion can join the senior in staying active, whether that means doing chores around the house or going for a walk down the block. 

… Feel Withdrawn, Lonely, or Isolated

Research shows that more than 42 million Americans “identify as being lonely.” According to a survey, one in four adults aged 50 to 80 say that they feel isolated at least some of the time, while one in three say that they don’t have regular companionship. Seniors who feel withdrawn or isolated are more likely to experience health challenges including depression, malnutrition, stress, and lack of mobility. On the other hand, older adults who feel socially connected and engaged report higher quality of life and better overall health. 

… Need Company at Mealtimes

According to reporting, one in five seniors say that they “feel lonely when eating alone” most or some of the time. Seniors who live alone cite “lack of companionship” as one of the single biggest problems they face at mealtimes, and about 20% of adults who live alone “have at least four warning signs of poor nutritional health.” A senior companion can join your elderly loved one for meals, making this time feel truly nourishing and special. Studies show that a majority of older adults report feeling happier eating with others than when they eat alone; many even say that the food tastes better. Seniors who eat with dining companions also tend to take longer to eat, and make more nutritious choices — for the benefit of their overall health. 

… Want to Keep Up Their Favorite Hobbies

Many older adults want to take up a hobby or a new activity, but find it challenging, for any number of reasons. A companion can help provide guidance, help, support, and encouragement, so your loved one always feels motivated to keep up with their favorite hobbies — or even take up a new one! Along the way, these activities could also help benefit your loved one’s health and well-being. For instance, research shows that fun activities like gardening, painting, or listening to music can all offer some amazing and positive health benefits for seniors. 

… Want to Live More Independently

Many older adults’ biggest fear when it comes to growing older is losing their sense of independence, and having to become reliant on others. For many seniors, any minor loss of independence — such as having to give up driving, for example — can lead to anxiety, depression, and frustration. Aging in place with a senior companion can help seniors keep their sense of independence, while ensuring that they get the help they need to safely live life to the fullest. In many cases, a companion can help the senior with bathing, dressing, and grooming, activities that a senior may be embarrassed to ask of you or another family member. A companion can also keep a close eye on your loved one, and give you updates if they notice any changes, which your senior loved one may be hesitant to share on their own. 

… Want to Keep Their Minds Sharp

Companion care is a great fit for those older adults who want to stay mentally sharp and active. A companion can provide invaluable mental stimulation and company, which might include playing games with the senior; chatting and swapping stories; working on an art project; or taking on organization, cleaning, and other chores around the house. Research has suggested that staying socially active may help support brain health, and “possibly delay the onset of dementia,” according to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

… Have Plenty of Stories and Experiences to Share

A companion can bring empathy, patience, kindness, and compassion to your elderly loved one’s daily life. A companion can be there to listen to your loved one’s thoughts and concerns, in the good times and the bad. At Companions for Seniors, we make it a point to truly get to know the seniors in our care. Our experienced and dedicated companions recognize when it’s time to sit still and just be with their client, and are also able to “step out of their shell” and share stories, listen, and embrace new experiences when appropriate. 

Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Companionship for Seniors?

Do you have an elderly loved one who could benefit from the personalized attention and support that a professional companion can provide? Want to discuss what may be the best course of action for you and your family moving forward? Companions for Seniors is here and happy to help, in any way we can. 

At Companions for Seniors, our mission is to provide seniors with a higher quality of life, while also offering respite and peace of mind to family caregivers who might need some support. Our companions help engage our clients physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, empowering them to live an active and enriched lifestyle from the comfort and safety of their own homes. We also offer companionship services in hospitals or treatment centers. 

We can develop a personalized care plan specially suited for your senior loved one’s needs; as our client’s needs change, our plan of care can adapt to keep up. Our companions are extensively trained and bonded, and can provide driving services in the comfort of an insured company car. We are locally owned and operated in Chicago, with service available throughout the city and suburbs.

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