June 10, 2020

As we’re writing this, our Chicagoland community is still grappling with the spread of novel coronavirus, COVID-19 — while also looking forward to re-opening shops, doctor’s offices,  restaurants, and theaters in the near future. Balancing the need for safety with the need to go out in the world can be tricky, particularly for seniors. 

Seniors are considered a vulnerable population, and may be particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of COVID-19. At the same time, many older adults are eager to continue living their lives with some degree of normalcy. This includes going to doctor’s appointments, running errands, and making time to visit with friends and family. 

So, how can seniors navigate the “new normal” in their community, while remaining safe and healthy along the way? 

One answer may be to turn to a reliable senior transportation service that places the utmost emphasis on cleanliness and safety. 

That’s exactly what we have always done here at Companions for Seniors. We’ve been focused on the health and safety of our elderly clients since day one. Keeping our vehicles clean, sanitary, and safe has been a priority since long before the first cases of coronavirus were detected — and we know that it will remain one of our most important responsibilities, long after things have settled down again. 

Making Vehicles Safe for Seniors

For seniors and family caregivers, we know that getting into a car with a professional companion requires a great degree of trust, even in the best of times. That’s why we’ve always placed a priority on making sure our companions come equipped with a comfortable, safe, and fully insured company-owned car. 

Our companionable drivers know how to safely assist the senior in and out of the vehicle, when necessary, and are also happy to provide support with walking or opening doors while the senior is out and about — whether enjoying an outing, visiting family, or running errands. What’s more, our companions know the incomparable benefits of providing friendship to their senior passengers. On top of being reliable and trustworthy, our drivers are ready to be there for your loved one with a smiling face and an open ear. They know how to keep up a conversation, and when to enjoy a little bit of quiet time. 

Perhaps most importantly, our drivers know the importance of keeping their vehicles clean and safe for their senior clients. 

From the very beginning, our companions have always taken steps to disinfect and clean their cars, before and after use. We have stepped up our safety guidelines even further to help cope with COVID-19. Our companions:

At Companions for Seniors, safety and cleanliness have always been a cornerstone of the services we provide. Starting long before COVID-19, we have required our companions to practice proper handwashing and know how to properly clean and disinfect around a senior’s home, including bringing cleaning supplies when necessary. Similarly, we have always made sure to have back-up companions always ready to step in, so that no one ever has to worry about going to work sick. 

The Benefits of a Reliable Driving Service for the Elderly

At Companions for Seniors, our goal is to help empower seniors to live independently and lead an active and enriched lifestyle — and we know that providing reliable transportation services is an essential part of that mission. 

According to a survey, about half of all Americans 65 or older do not have access to public transportation. What’s more, half of all non-drivers who are 65 or older say that they “stay at home” in a given day because “they don’t have transportation options.”

It’s hard to overstate just how much having access to reliable transportation can help improve quality of life for seniors. Being able to safely go into their community can provide older adults with nourishing and enriching opportunities to: 

  • Connect with friends and family. Having a driver can make it easier for seniors to visit with friends and attend family gatherings. 
  • Go on outings and adventures. From visiting a local botanical garden, to touring a nearby museum, to seeing a live performance at the city opera house, driving services can empower seniors to go out and truly enjoy all that their community has to offer. 
  • Keep up with doctors’ visits or physical therapy appointments. For busy family caregivers, it can be a relief to know that the senior will always be able to make it to key healthcare appointments on time. 
  • Run important errands. Depending on the senior’s lifestyle, this might include going grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, going to the pet store, or buying supplies for crafting or gardening. 

Have Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

At Companions for Seniors, we know the importance of helping seniors connect with the world around them in a healthy and fulfilling way. 

Locally owned in Chicago, Illinois, with clients throughout the city and suburbs, our mission is to help seniors maintain their independence and a higher quality of life, while also giving family caregivers the support and respite they need.

Our companions can assist with your aging loved one’s activities of daily living, and provide affordable driving services on a flexible schedule. All of our companions are trained and bonded, and will provide transportation services in an insured, company-owned vehicle that meets our high standards for cleanliness and safety. 

Have any more questions? Curious about what a personalized care plan for your loved one, including transportation services, might look like? Interested in helping your family navigate the many challenges and transitions of COVID-19? We are here to help, in any way we can. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch online today to get the conversation started, or give us a call at 866-910-9020.