July 20, 2020

How many errands do you run on a typical weekend afternoon? How many doctor’s appointments and social gatherings do you have on your schedule in any given week? Often, our calendars are so full of errands and appointments that we start to take them for granted. 

For seniors, however, these important trips to local stores or doctor’s offices are an essential part of living an active, independent, and enriched life — and they are not always so easy for elderly adults to manage alone. 

There are any number of reasons why seniors may have difficulty with being able to go out and run errands, attend community events, see friends and family, and keep up with doctor’s visits.

Many senior adults are unable to drive safely, and don’t live in an area with reliable public transportation options. For others, it can be difficult to get in and out of a vehicle, carry groceries, or walk without a little bit of assistance and some helpful, reassuring support. In other cases, withdrawn or anxious seniors may be nervous or reluctant to go out alone without companionship. Many older adults may simply have trouble remembering and keeping up with community events, doctor’s appointments, and errands without a little bit of guidance and help sticking to their schedule. 

Family caregivers can be an invaluable help — but it’s not always easy to be there in person. Many doctor’s appointments and trips to the physical therapist’s office take place during working hours, which can be tough for anyone balancing caregiving with the demands of a career. The same goes for those “Sandwich Generation” family caregivers who are trying to juggle caring for a senior loved one with raising kids of their own.

In other cases, family caregivers are already stretched thin by the need to help a parent manage their finances or take care of their house, without the added pressure of getting behind the wheel. 

What’s more, the ongoing situation with coronavirus has added a whole new wrinkle. With “social distancing” serving as our temporary new normal, it can be even harder for family members to be there for their loved ones in person. Now more than ever, seniors who do need to go out must have access to clean, sanitary vehicles, driven by helpers who have been trained in how to properly wear a mask, wash their hands, and prevent the spread of infections. 

Looking for a way to make errands and appointments easier, safer, and more enjoyable for your senior loved one — especially in these unusual times?

Professional senior companionship services are a great way to help your loved one continue to remain active and independent, while giving busy family caregivers some well-deserved respite and peace of mind. That’s where Companions for Seniors comes in.

One of our professional senior companions can offer safe and reliable driving services, in the comfort of a clean and insured company car. Our companions are available on a full- or part-time basis that accommodates your senior’s schedule, and your own needs as a family caregiver. 

Our companions can help provide rides for seniors who want to:

  • Go grocery shopping 
  • Pick up their prescriptions
  • Buy supplies at the pet store
  • Pick up supplies for their hobbies, such as crafting or gardening
  • Attend local fitness classes, mall walks, or sessions at the local community center or senior-friendly pool 
  • Visit with friends and family 
  • Volunteer as part of a community group or service organization
  • Attend religious services at their church or temple 
  • Keep up with doctor’s appointments, including physical therapy sessions 
  • Spend time at the park, beach, or a local garden
  • See a movie or play 
  • See an art exhibition or visit a local museum 

At every step of the way, our companions know how to make things easier and safer, by…

Lending a Helping Hand

Our companions can provide assistance and support with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as getting into and out of the vehicle, walking, taking the stairs, or using the restroom. A companion can also lend a helping hand, whenever it’s needed. For instance, it can be hard for older adults to load and unload groceries, or carry huge bags of dog food out of a store. A companion can help share the load, making sure your loved one is able to maintain their independence and get everything they need to age in place safely and comfortably, without having to struggle or stress. 

Offering Friendship and Companionship

Isn’t shopping more fun when you have a friend who joins in? In addition to providing driving services, our companions know how to make running errands and attending appointments a more fun and engaging experience overall. Our companions are friendly and polite, and know just how to draw a senior out of their shell — or recognize when the moment is right to enjoy a little bit of quiet time. From swapping stories, to playing games, to enjoying music together, our companions know just how much a little bit of social time can enrich a senior’s day. Our companions don’t view spending time with the elderly as a chore, but as a privilege. We don’t call it work; we call it friendship. 

Making Hygiene, Cleanliness, and Personal Safety a Top Priority

Even before the spread of COVID-19, protecting our clients’ health and safety has always come first. In these unusual times, our companions are taking every precaution to keep our senior friends safe and healthy — including wiping down our vehicles with antibacterial solutions before and after each use; wearing gloves and masks; and practicing thorough handwashing, while encouraging our senior clients to do the same. 

Have Any More Questions? We’re Here to Be Your Resource

Interested in connecting your parent or senior loved one with reliable, trustworthy, and friendly driving services? Curious about the benefits of aging in place for seniors — and how you can help your loved one make the most of their time at home? We are here and always ready to help, in any way we can. 

Locally owned and operated in Chicago, Illinois, with clients in the city and suburbs, Companions for Seniors is a home care company like no other.

We offer a variety of services designed to help our clients remain in the comfort of their own homes, while ensuring that their most important needs are met. 

Our services are flexible, convenient, and it’s easy to get started. Companions for Seniors provides a free in-home assessment of your senior family’s current situation, and in most cases we can be up and running in just two days. We understand that every situation is unique, so we provide a personalized care plan that’s modified to meet each client’s specific needs. As a client’s situation changes, so does our plan of care.

Have any more questions about companionship and care for the elderly? Ready to get help for your loved one? Don’t hesitate to reach out online today to get the conversation started, or give us a call at 866-910-9020.