Fun Halloween Ideas for the Elderly

10 Fun Halloween Ideas for the Elderly

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Happy Halloween! 

Can you feel the excitement in the air? The season of ghost stories, pumpkin carving, and candy galore is coming around once again — and that means it’s time to celebrate! 

Looking for fun ideas to make the most of the holiday, all October long? Here are 10 fun and inspiring ways for seniors and their families to enjoy  a festive and fulfilling Halloween:

1.) Host a Halloween-Themed Movie Marathon

Nothing says Halloween like joining your loved ones on the couch for a good movie night! This year may be a great time to dive into your elderly loved one’s childhood favorites, and introduce a new generation to Dracula, the Mummy, and the Wolfman. And don’t feel like you need to limit the selection to scary flicks! Fire up the Peanuts Halloween special, or queue up home movies from when the kids and grandkids were little. 

2.) Make Your Favorite Fall Treats

While older adults know not to feast on candy, there are all sorts of other Halloween favorites that your family can whip up in no time. Make caramel-covered candy apples. Bake apple fritters and scones, or decorate a batch of homemade sugar cookies with your favorite Halloween characters. Make a batch of Rice Krispies treats and finish them to look like ghosts, Frankensteins, or mummies. Brew fresh warm apple cider. Pop some popcorn on the stovetop,or bake some homemade Chex Mix in the oven. No time to cook? You could even whip up a trick-or-treat themed “trail mix” with peanuts, pretzels, raisins, and your other healthy pantry favorites. 

3.) Decorate Your Home, Inside and Out

Halloween is the perfect time to go all-out with your home decor. Help your loved one decorate their home for the season. Hang artificial cobwebs in the corners, or run strings of orange and yellow lights outside. Would your loved one’s front stoop look great with a couple of pumpkins — whether plastic or the real thing? Put decals and decorations in the windows. Buy some disposable Halloween-themed plates and paper napkins, and finish the table with a ghoulishly good Halloween centerpiece.

4.) Dress In Your Halloween Best

Even if you don’t want to buy or build a costume, you can still dress up for the holiday! For instance, does your loved one have a favorite Halloween-themed sweater that they wear every year? This season could be a good opportunity for everyone to wear a similar shirt of their own. If your granddad loves socks, buy him a Halloween-themed pair. For your scarf-wearing grandmother, maybe a beautiful orange shawl she can wear to warm up on chilly autumn days. 

5.) Get Crafty and Creative

Chilly fall days can offer a great opportunity to stay indoors and get creative! There are all sorts of fun crafts that people of all ages can enjoy working on together — from mummy mason jars to pinecone owls. For some fun and inspiring Halloween craft ideas for adults and kids, check out this great list from Good Housekeeping.

6.) Pick a Pumpkin and Decorate It Your Way

October is the perfect time to bring home a pumpkin… or twelve. Whether you pick one up from your local grocery store or stop by one of our area’s many farms and pumpkin patches, pumpkins and autumn gourds make for wholesome and comforting decorations. Even better, they can be used for all sorts of Halloween fun — whether you bake them into a holiday treat, paint them, or carve them up into beautiful jack-o-lanterns. 

7.) Play Some Halloween Games

Game night, anyone? Breaking out your family’s favorite board games is a great way to enjoy a cozy fall night in. In addition to the classics, think about playing some festive Halloween-themed games. Make up and share trivia questions about monsters, candy, or all things Halloween, or play a spooky game of charades. Use small pumpkins to go “bowling” or play shuffleboard. Whip up some Halloween-inspired bingo cards, or buy a pack of Halloween-themed playing cards. 

8.) Look for Autumn Colors

Here in our home state of Illinois, the changing leaves are truly an amazing sight — and there’s no shortage of places to get a good view! The days around Halloween can be a great opportunity to go leaf-peeping with your whole family. Just be sure to prepare ahead of time for the road trip. Pack snacks and water, blankets, and any other supplies your elderly loved one will need for a safe and comfortable day out. 

9.) Have a Spooky Stories Contest

Don’t have any classic monster movies on hand? Why not have a scary story night of your own, with prizes for whoever comes up with the silliest, spookiest, or strangest tale of the evening? To keep things lighter, you could skip the fictional stories, and trade memories of your favorite Halloween celebrations from years past. 

10.) Create and Send a Halloween Care Package

Delivering a Halloween care package is a wonderful way to show someone that you’re thinking of them, particularly when you can’t be together in person. Looking for some ideas? Make a mask, or send some basic costume supplies to grandkids around the country. Bundle up bags of candy or other holiday treats. Write a thoughtful note. Mail over a beloved book for cozy fall reading. For more fun ideas for holiday care packages, check out these spooktacular resources from Pinterest.

Looking for Fresh Ways to Enjoy All Things Autumn?

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