February 17, 2021

You say it’s your birthday?

At Companions for Seniors, our caregivers often get the chance to help their elderly clients celebrate this special day – often, along with friends and family. We know how meaningful that birthday celebrations are to people of all ages. Unfortunately, COVID has made it a bit more difficult to celebrate together right now.

Birthdays are a wonderful chance to show your love and appreciation – and we don’t think that social distancing has to slow down the celebration! 

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Senior’s Birthday During COVID

Here are a few fun and celebratory ways to make the most of an older adult’s special day, even in these unusual times: 

1.) Play Games. A favorite game can make any afternoon or evening together feel special. Ask your elderly loved one if they have a favorite that they haven’t played in a long time, and break out the pieces! You could enjoy some cards, a quiet game of chess, or bring together friends and family (even virtually) for Pictionary, charades, or another party classic.

2.) Order From Your Favorite Local Restaurant. The Chicago area is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in the world – and they could all use our support right now! Use this occasion to order up a tasty meal to-go from your loved one’s favorite nearby restaurant. Encourage them to pick out dishes that remind them of home, or of one of their family’s favorite recipes. Pick up their favorite sweet treat from a local Chicago area bakery, or indulge with a pop from a local soda company. 

3.) Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Decorate your loved one’s house to make them feel special. Pick up fun disposable birthday plates and napkins, and decorate their home with streamers, signs, photos, and other fun birthday decor. 

4.) Celebrate With Family Over Zoom. We may not be able to go out and party right now, but we can sure bring the party home. Use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or another video app to connect your loved one with their friends and family from around the country. You could use this virtual time together to play party games, share a meal remotely, or simply spend quality time together catching up.  

5.) Play the Senior’s Favorite Movies and Music. Art is a powerful way for people of all ages to connect. Encourage your loved one to share some of their favorite tunes and make a playlist or CD. Have a movie night where they can watch flicks with all of their favorite Old Hollywood stars. Find vintage records or movie posters from a Chicago-based store. Watch a virtual opera, play, or concert from home.

6.) Take a Road Trip. Chicagoland is full of great getaways and day trips, whether you want to escape into nature for a few hours or see some history up close and personal. Check out some of our favorite Midwest road trip ideas here. 

7.) Pick Out the Perfect Gift. Often, we find that our clients are most moved by sentimental gifts. This COVID birthday could be a wonderful opportunity to frame old photos, make a scrapbook, write a letter or poem, or hand-make a blanket or scarf they can use to keep warm. 

Making This Day Extra Special

Remember that birthdays are about the person who is actually getting older – so be sure to check in on what your loved one really wants! Offer options and let them choose the activities, foods, and plans that mean the most to them. 

Do they want to make a big fuss, or would they prefer to keep things quiet? Would they prefer an afternoon tea, or an evening movie marathon? Do they want to reach out to family, or keep things closer to home? 

Respect your loved one’s wishes and give them the day they will enjoy most!

We Are Here for Chicago’s Elderly

Looking for a senior companion to help ensure that the senior in your life can remain independent and lead an active and enriched lifestyle — complete with their favorite movies, music, and foods? That’s where we come in!

At Companions for Seniors, our trained and bonded companions are passionate about empowering the elderly to live more independently. Our mission is to help seniors live with dignity in the comfort of their own home, while connecting them with their community and helping to nurture meaningful relationships. 

Our companions are available on flexible schedules to spend time with the older adult in your life. Whether your loved one needs transportation services, a helping hand with everyday activities, or just a friendly face around the house, our staff can help give your senior loved one the personalized attention and support they need – while giving family caregivers like you a much-needed chance to rest and recharge.

Curious about how to set up a personalized care plan for the aging adult in your life? Reach out online or give us a call at 866-910-9020 to get the conversation started!