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What Makes a Caregiver Great?

Caregivers aren’t all cut from the same cloth—but the great ones all have common threads. Some of these threads are apparent and easily recognizable, while others are more subtle and only reveal themselves over time. At Companions for Seniors, when we’re looking to bring a new caregiver onboard, we look for these threads. In our experience, the best caregivers almost always have personal reasons for choosing this profession. So often we hear them tell a story of how they took care of their mother or grandmother, and how that experience gave them the drive to be of service to others [...]

In-Home Care Vs Assisted Living: Making The Best Choice For Your Senior

More and more seniors prefer to age in place, and flexible in-home care options are readily available. Yet some families may still find providing in-home care overwhelming, and many seniors enjoy living with their peers in an assisted living community. With so many factors to consider, how do you determine whether in-home care or assisted living is best for your parent? Ultimately, the choice is a personal one. But understanding the differences between the two, and knowing what each one costs, will help you decide. What to Expect from In-Home Care In-home caregivers can provide a wide range of services depending on [...]

In-Home Care for the Holidays

Reduce Holiday Stress with Home Care The holidays are typically a joyful time spent with our loved ones. However, if you are caring for an aging parent, relative or other loved one, the season can quickly turn into a time of emotional stress and physical exhaustion. If this sounds like your situation, the best gift for everyone involved may be holiday home care services from Companions for Seniors to help care for your loved one in your home, providing you and your entire family the time and energy to prepare, experience and enjoy the holidays. You’ll have the peace of [...]

The Importance of Proper Nutrition & Shared Experiences

Take a second and think back to some of your fondest memories. There's a good chance that a majority involve food in one way or another. Whether it's a birthday celebration, Thanksgiving or just a meaningful conversation over dinner with someone you love, food plays a vital role in our lives. That doesn't change with age. As we grow older, food actually plays a bigger role. For seniors, good company and a good diet can improve cognitive function as well as treat or prevent common physical ailments associated with the elderly like heart and digestive issues. As we age, eating [...]

Why Visiting Loved Ones Keeps Them Young and Happy

Visiting with your senior loved ones is not only rewarding, but it leads to a myriad of benefits. The obvious upside is the emotional pickup we get when we visit family members we care about, and the boost they get from being reminded we love them, but the benefits are more tangible, too. According to a review of studies in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, social isolation has been associated with cognitive decline, decline in health, depression, increased rates of infection and even mortality — dangers that are even more pronounced in seniors. Maintaining communication and visiting with the [...]

(Mostly) Healthy Halloween Recipes for Seniors

Cooking with the ones you love can be an amazing bonding experience. Making your favorites recipes while making lasting memories is especially fun this time of year.  You can find loads of cute Halloween recipes on the web, but most of them are laden with sugar. Since many seniors have health concerns, we tried to pick out a few of the healthier options that still fit the theme. 1. Shrunken Head Cider From the twisted mind of Martha Stewart comes this shrunken head cider. You can skip the booze if you want and stick with the rest of the recipe. 2. Sweet [...]

How to Make Thanksgiving Easier for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Thanksgiving is a time for family and celebration. But when a member of your family requires elderly care and support, you might worry about whether they’re up to a big family event. At Companions for Seniors, our experience as elderly care providers has helped us council our clients and their families about how they can make holidays, like Thanksgiving, more senior-friendly. We hope the following tips and advice will be helpful to you in making your Thanksgiving Day a more enjoyable and less stressful time for you and family members of all ages. Choose Senior-Friendly Foods As a traditional harvest [...]

Help for the Holidays

Maintaining quality of life as you age is important; especially when the holiday season arrives. Elderly people in need of care often feel embarrassed asking for added support, or family members may suffer from the guilt of not being able to support aging parents as much as they'd like to. Making the choice to ask for help can be both empowering and liberating, the crux is getting the right care for you. At Companions for Seniors we support the notion that ‘care should be empowering and liberating’ and in order to achieve this research and preparation are key. Our mission [...]

Benefits of Hiring In-Home Care for an Older Adult

When a loved one is still living at home but struggling with the effects of getting older and losing their independence, hiring in-home care can be a great solution. Professional caregivers provide seniors with physical assistance, as well as help with the emotional and routine aspects of daily life. In addition to the more tangible benefits that home care can provide with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing and dressing, seniors and their caregivers can enjoy invaluable personal benefits. Caregivers as Personal Companions If there is one thing that becomes clear as someone ages, it’s the extensive benefits [...]

Using Art to Connect

At Companions for Seniors, we believe art is an important part of self-expression. Many of us realize this at an early age with finger paints and crayons but as we get older, art still has the ability to help us express ourselves and find peace. For instance, maybe you’ve seen those adult coloring books that help to promote mindfulness and reduce stress? Or those group painting classes that allow students to immerse themselves in creating an image while connecting with others. In any form, Art can be very beneficial to seniors struggling with dementia or memory loss. Painting and sculpting [...]

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