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Offering safe, secure, and reliable transportation – and a feeling of freedom

The loss of mobility and the inability to “hit the road” whenever they choose is a common complaint from seniors in daily care. Car services are expensive and drivers for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are not trained to work with the elderly. We offer a wide range of driving services to help our clients make trips to the store, the airport, doctor’s appointments, or family gatherings. Our drivers provide water/coffee and newspapers to our travelers, walk our clients into their destination, and are familiar with the most effective drop-off points at physician offices and hospitals. Safe, secure, and reliable transportation is a wonderful benefit that we offer at a modest cost, and we also offer discounts for frequent passengers. We also strive to pair our clients with the same drivers whenever possible as our drivers are committed to our patients and consider themselves an integral part of our caregiving community.

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